Marx Memorial Library & Workers' School

Since our foundation in 1933 we've been at the heart of the British labour movement advancing education, knowledge and learning in all aspects of the science of Marxism, the history of socialism and the working class

short MML film3 from Christopher Reeves on Vimeo.

About Us

Find out about our history and what we do

Our Collections

Browse our library and archive catalogues and discover more our core collections including our archives on the Spanish Civil War, the print unions and peace and solidarity campaigns


Education & Events

Take a look at our programme of forthcoming coming classes and events, and find out about our trade union, school, student and online education facilities


Marx 200

Marx Memorial Library celebrated the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth with a jam-packed international conference. The event - examining the relevance of Marxism today - took place at London University's SOAS. Over 300 attended to hear speakers from Cuba, South Africa, Read More

Book Sales at the MML

The MML hosts regular book sales which offers out parts of our collection of rare pamphlets and books on labour history and working-class movements to the public. The book sales are always very popular and worth checking out to get Read More

Support us today

The Marx Memorial Library and Workers' School is an educational charity and relies on support from members, donors and volunteers. Find out more about what you can do to help

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